Kingdom Kidz

Learning the ABC’s of Christian living.

A = ALL about Jesus.

B = BELONGING to His Kingdom.

C = COURAGE to follow Jesus.

Kids experience love and parents get support. Loving kids is somet


hing that CCC does well! Kingdom Kidz is taught by the wonderful Belinda Young and meets on Sundays after worship.

Run for the Funds

Raise funds for God’s children & youth to go to camp in the upcoming Summer!


God gave an idea in a dream and God’s ideas are always successful. Each Sunday, every adult in the church brings a one dollar bill to give toward the camp fund. All teens and kids who want to go to camp, must run and grab a dollar, and take it to Pastor Linda, who keeps a tally sheet of each young person’s collection. When the student has collected enough to pay his way to camp in full, he or she can stop running.

In the past, we have raised over $1800 for campers! God has been faithful.